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The Studio

The founders of The Creative Technology Center have produced and hosted dozens of events and programs since 2013. Historically, The VR Lounge (Don Schneider and Dan Weinberg), which originated in Las Vegas, joined with Michael Page (formerly of Panasonic 3D) to create innovative events for The Creative Technology Center in the Los Angeles Arts District at the Brewery Arts Center.


Over the years, Meetups have been 
one of our major drivers to bring 
together pioneers in the creative 
tecnology and immersive experience 
space. For years, key players have 
been meeting at the CTC Studio to 
share the latest in creative technology 
as well as VR, AR, and XR innovation.
See our pioneering history on the 
About Us page.

Stage and Offices Specs:
• Main Stage (The Cove) 45’x45’
• Modular Stage
• Hair & Makeup
• Wardrobe
• Loft Office 18’x 15’
• Loft Lounge
• Conference Area 20’x11’
• Kitchen

Equipment Rentals and Sales
• BroomX Projector
• RealiSphere Projector
• Holocryptics
• Lighting • Audio • Half Dome
• Projection

The Creative Technology Center is among 100 unique spaces at The Brewery Arts Complex in Los Angeles, the largest live-work artists colony in the world, home to practitioners of artistic media that includes painting, sculpture, photography, industrial design, architecture and experimental new media.

CTC Technology: Rent or Buy




Holocryptics provides high quality,
life-sized hologram performances 
with minimal space requirements 
all controlled from any Internet-
accessible device.

Comes with a library of content and 
customizable content for any occasion 
Completely portable.
View sizzle reels of holograms of 
DJ’s and singer performances:

Rent or purchase. For details contact:



Case Studies

Institut Guttman

Allow physically challenged people with
neurological disorders to feel the freedom
and positive sensations of ascending the
Pedraforca mountain in an immersive way


A group of 20 patients from the Institut
Guttman diagnosed with neurological
disorders have participated in this inclusive Salomon initiative that gifts patients with the experience of climbing a mountain immersively through Broomx technology.

Klimt: The Immersive Experience
Ideal is a digital art center that is a pioneer in bringing immersive art exhibitions to Barcelona. Its latest exhibition, “Klimt: the immersive experience,”celebrates the life of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. Visitors immerse themselves in Klimt’s brilliant work and learn about the context of his life during the 19th century, which inspired his paintings.Rent or purchase. 
For details contact:


• Concert lighting
• Trusses
• Microphones and stands
• Soundboards
• Speakers
• Lighting Cables
• Audio Cables
• Microphone Cables
• Panasonic, Samsung, Apple, Vizio TVs
• Tripods
• HD Panasonic Camera
• Apple thunderbolt displays
• 24” Widescreen Editing Monitor
• RealD 3D glasses
• 3D screens rear projection
• Inflatable dome
• Much much more

Rent or purchase. 
For details contact:

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