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Immerive Events Consulting

The Founders and team members of 
CTC are experts in immersive technology, the experience economy, and business development strategies in this space. 
Contact us with questions regarding your vision to jump into this exciting space. 


3opolis and CTC offer real-time and virtual programs to support you in emerging and visually articulating your company's vision, mission, values, guiding principles, strategies and projected milestones to reach your 5, 10, and 20 year goals. These artifacts support documentation for pursuits and potential investors/partners as well as leadership alignment, employee ownership, organizational communication, and enhanced customer experience.

What you may be wondering:

What’s the latest in creative technology?

How can we get involved?

What are the best sources of information?

Who are the current players in this space?

How can we be strategic?

How do we share our vision with prospective investors?

What is the financial outlook for this space?

What kind of resources are required to be successful?

Innovating Immersive Trans-media Production

Alternity & Visual Reality Immersive Events, Holograms, Michael Strauss Augmented Art Gallery

Alternity and Visual Reality Immersive Experiential Performances

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