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About us

We support and curate discovery-driven immersive technology endeavors, providing insight and opportunity through the introduction, education and application of 
alternative realities and how they enhance the human experience.

We explore, experiment in and educate all possibilities available through virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Extreme
Reality (XR), and all existing and emerging immersive technologies.

We Value:
• Science and Innovation  
• Integrity and Inclusion   
• Enriched Life and Education   
• Stewardship and Collaboration     
• Experiential Learning
• Positive Human Experience   
• Healthy beings and planet

We are Guided by: 
•  Curiosity and follow through 
•  Allowing for possibilities 
•  Openness to opportunities 
•  Practicing due diligence 
•  Consistent Data Collection
•  Consistent Reporting 
•  Measuring Positive Impact

CTC Highlights

Pioneering in the immersive technology and the experience economy


3D production


360 film making



Microsoft Hackathon


Introducing Visual Reality

Hollywood Rooftop
filmed in dome





Capitol Royale Avalon

A Black Woman Speaks


2020-2021 HIGHLIGHTS

In Protest BLM-Los Angeles

On Saturday June 6th,

thousands took to the

streets of Los Angeles in

support of#BlackLivesMatter.

People fromall backgrounds

unified in protest against

police brutality demonstrated

not only in the United States,

but in multiple countries

across the globE.

Video Shoot In Protest
GXR Immersive VR

VR Production: 
I Prevail/DOA VR Music Video

A Black Woman Speaks 2020

Written by Beah Elizabeth Richardson, performed

by April Grace, takes an A futuristic dive deep

into the complex and often brutal relationship 
between Black women and white womanhood.

Though Richards’ poem was written in the 1950s,

this cinematic adaptation resonates profoundly

in the current struggle against white privilege 
and supremacy, and shines a light on a voice

that is often lost in the crowd: the voice of

a Black woman. 


Capitol Records Royale 
Event CTC
and Holocryptics 
collaborated with Capitol Records 
Capitol Music Group to produce 
a Meduza (VJ) hologram for  the 
2nd annual Capitol Royale two-day 
creativity and innovation festival 
brings together the music, tech 
and automotive industry’s leading
creatives, coders, investors, gamers,  
and startups to highlight innovation 
alongside today’s top artists and 
Capitol 360’s innovation center 


Capitol Factory presentation by Holocryptics, Quantum 
Harmonics, BroomX and Hollywood Rooftop

headline act from iconic filmmaker Brett Leonard 

VR project, shot simultaneously as

a VR series and 2D feature utilizing the world’s most advanced 360-degree video projector, the BroomX.

VR Fest Las Vegas
3 day series of immersive tech 
eventsAnnual Opening night 
GalaWorld’s first and largest 
VR Festival5th Anniversary


One of the world’s most influential
startup platforms enabling startups,
investors and corporations to create, 
discover and launch new ventures
together. Held alongside MWC 4YFN 
is the forum for entrepreneurship. 
Technology is changing the world, but 
entrepreneurs are changing technology.

Venice Fine Arts VR Festival
VR is changing our film industry
“Warsaw Rising” by Tomasz 
Dobosz. 360 experience inspired 
by true events“Filamu” by Maud 
Clavier (France) a discussion on 
Tanzania reality with a touch of 
happiness“Plomo: Journey of a 
Bullet” Ioana Matei 



Michael Waite, Global Manager of STYLY presentation, “Awaken the

Artist Within: Creating VR without Coding.” STYLY is a non-coding and browser-based VR content creation tool from Japan. The interface

is so simple and it is so easy to use that you literally need no prior

knowledge of coding or development whatsoever.

WebVR for Social Change….. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP
sponsored by SAMSUNG INTERNET and UNITED WAY. Our panel of

experts, including Emerging Leaders member Georgia Van Cuylenburg,

shared their personal journeys, latest projects, and how they were

 using VR to impact the community.

Los Angeles WebVR Meetup. Curated by Peter Markiewicz
The new Mozilla and Google WebXR players An update on VR

“empathy”And a presentation from ByondXR. Curated by Peter


DVERSE (Symmetry) VR

Software for architecture/construction designers. Leonard Mochizuki,

EVP, Corporate Strategy, Business Development. With SYMMETRY, architects and designers can “walk into” their designs with a peerless,

high-quality VR experience at 1:1 scale. We immerse clients into models

in advance of the construction phase to prevent unwanted costs arising from onsite, physical construction adjustments  and thereby

accelerate the approval process.

HEAR360 Spacial Audio, OUTER REALM Immersive Solutions, LAVA

HEAR360 is on a mission to make the digital world sound absolutely incredible. Outer Realm, based in Marina Del Rey, CA, builds immersive VR/AR/MR solutions focused on two main areas: virtual prototyping

and demonstration of physical products and enterprise visions, and

showcasing un-built real estate properties in highly realistic, first-

person experiences. LAVA — Los Angeles Video Artists. Founded in

2003, LAVA is a community of video artists working primarily in

the field of immersive experiential video art.


Architecture in Motion 
captured from center stage with the industry-leading 360 VR

camera, the Nokia OZOAn electrifying dance performance from

America’s Got Talent contestants Diavolo: Architecture in Motion

captured from center stage with the industry-leading 360 VR

camera, the Nokia OZO. The performance took the form of an

open rehearsal, led by Diavolo’s visionary artistic director, Jacques

Heim, as the company explores the possibilities of 360 film making

with 10 dancers and four of their signature architectural structures.

Industry Gurus Visual Reality 
An immersive art experience bridging the gap between spirituality

and technology. Explore a curated gallery of artistic, meditative and psychedelic virtual reality and multi sensory experiences designed to generateconsciousness consciousness X and deep relaxation.

Facebook Surround 360
Facebook worked on open-sourced Surround 360 camera platform.
Their team behind this revolutionary camera presented what it takes
to use this camera and the direction that Facebook has been 
going in the world of VR and 360 cinema.

Microsoft HoloLens:
Matt Wittkamp shares lessons learned from a user experience

perspective and impact that has had on changing the design

process, as well as showing how the HoloLens was utilized

to map MRI data (DICOM) to the body of a patient (It’s like

giving x-ray vision to surgeons)


Unreal Developers Los Angeles 
Indie Game Play Test Event Game developers and designers shared/showcased their projects to play, test and give feedback. 

ROY TAYLOR  Corp VP/ Head of Alliances  at AMD 
Global team leader managing  AMD ecosystem/external relations:
Microsoft, Google, major games publishers and developers 
leads MD technology partnerships in Virtual Reality.

Industry Guru Len Scroggan, speaker
former teacher, principal, and technology director for the Boulder
Valley Schools, Len was named Outstanding Technology Administrator
in the state of Colorado in 2008 and 2009. Len is currently a Digital Learning Architect at the University of Colorado Denver.


Industry Gurus Radiant Images
Award-winning digital cinema innovator and rental house providing creative solutions 2D, 3D, VR and augmented reality leading-edge cameras and equipment, and unrivaled client support, to the motion picture industry worldwide presented at CTC.

Microsoft HoloLens
 Microsoft VRLA School Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first untethered holographic computer mixing holograms your real world.

Over the course of 48 hrs teams formed with developers, designers,

and artists to collaboratively create a holographic app. Engineers

from the HoloLens team were on-site along with HoloLens devices.


Van Beethoven
CTC hosted the L.A. Philharmonic VR exhibit at the Los Angeles 
Brewery Artwalk

Nokia representative Geoff Bundt presented the latest and

greatest offering from Nokia camera.

introduction to works at Mirada Studios where Guillermo del Toro teamed with director Mathew Cullen, cinematographer Guillermo

Navarro & executive producer Javier Jimenez to establish their

25,000 square foot studio in Marina Del Rey.

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