Creative Technology Center at The Brewery Arts Complex

604 Moulton Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90031

Office: (323) 352-8195  email:

The Creative Technology Center (CTC) is a premiere production facility and event space, located near downtown Los Angeles at the historic Brewery Arts Complex -- widely regarded as the largest active arts community in the world.


Existing at the intersection of art and futuristic technologies, CTC is an open and supportive frontier for artistic talent-development and education, dedicated to the advancement of immersive media.


Having proudly partnered with major corporations and luminaries from the worlds of fine-art, film and music, CTC has a unique perspective on blending art with science, and endeavors to infuse the landscape of technological innovation with a sense of community, placing particular emphasis on social-good and wellness-oriented initiatives.


Whatever your organization's immersive aspirations, the future rests at CTC, so contact us today to learn how we can achieve great things!