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CTC foundation

By creating and communicating highly engaging experiences through creative technology, the CTC foundation makes

measurable impacts on the outcomes of its selected causes:
• Education and understanding of creative technology 
• Role of creative technology as a creative life force in our
• Role of immersive technology in climate change drawdown
• Contribution of creative technologies to a healthy planet earth
• Providing opportunities to those passionate about immersive

Our Mission

CTCf seeks to leverage its relationships with 3opolis and

its associated companies to engage, inform, educate, affect

and report significant impacts on our targeted causes where

knowledge, experience, and understanding of creative

technology and its role as a sustainable and creative life

force in our universe provides opportunities for participation

in positive change.

The Creative Technology Center Foundation (CTCf) enables 3opolis, LLC and its affiliate companies to lead from

the forefront in the Immersive Experiences space. With the evolution and popularity 
of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented 
Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and 
Metaverse, CTCf has recognized the 
significant role it can play in affecting 
“social good” by leveraging these 
technologies in concert with the unique 
offerings of the companies with whom 
they have relationships.

CTCf identifies 4 areas where we enable the expertise of our associates to make a measurable impact on social good by elevating Immersive Technology and Experiences. The CTCf non-profit initiatives are Climate Change, Education, Health and Well-being, and Cutting-edge Creative Technology. We are currently focusing on affiliates who offer events and experiences that support health and well-being.

Our story

CTCf Initiatives


Today, a vast majority of healthcare institutions are rapidly opting in for immersive technologies to enhance performance or enable learning processes…

It has become possible to recreate entire Operating Rooms with full sound, functioning and responsive equipment, realistic virtual patients, hand tracking

and natural procedure interactions. The immersive solutions allow healthcare workers to collect performance data, analyze it, evaluate it and even provide feedback. – Forbes, Aug 5, 2021, The Healthcare industry is tapping into the immense capabilities of immersive technologies using Augmented Reality,

Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality from operating rooms to virtual training. In addition, CTCf is associated with a company that enhances health and

well-being through visual + sound meditation experiences called Alternity. A collaboration of artists creating experiences using new media technologies to create awe & wonder, Alternity promotes mental and physical wellness while enabling creative expression via production of live and virtual meditative

events. Their scheduled virtual and live experience events also create branded experiences for alternative healthcare companies such as the
on-line CBD company, Lord Jones.They participate in celebrations of the lives of key contributors to alternative life perspectives such as LEARY DAY: A Cyberdelic Celebration Honoring Timothy Leary’s 100th Birthday. They are highly recognized for their annual contributions to both the real-time and virtual Burning Man gatherings. As Visual Reality they have been a major event contributor at the CTC studio for the semi-annual ArtWalk when the Los Angeles Brewery Art Colony opens its doors to the public for a hands-on experience of future facing professional art being created in the heart of the Los Angeles downtown art center. Visual Reality regularly appeared at Wizdome Los Angeles, a spectacular immersive art and music dome park. Alternity has submitted

experience performance films to thee annual DomeFest event in Southern California. Alternity, a major producer in CTCf sponsored events was

co-founded by Dan Weinberg, Don Schneider, Torkom Ji, and Michael Strauss.


CTCf is developing education programs that leverage immersive technologies to inform and inspire K-12, higher education, corporate and

other learning organizations. Among the current programs being developed are those that provide exposure to the basics and applications of

VR, AR,MR, Metaverse, 360 projection, projection mapping and Holographics. These programs encourage and inspire innovation in the world of

immersive technologies and its impact on current and future social challenges. The CTCf Education initiative seeks to provide the understanding and

experimentation of merging art and technology that encourages the innovation of new media experiences. The CTCf Education initiative supports the

concept that immersive technology can be a natural pathway that provides educators with exposure to and understanding of available immersive

technology tools that enhance life-long learning experiences. The CTCf Education initiative seeks to engage researchers in the measurements and

insights of the impact of immersive technology on education and training toward the creation of more engaging and sustainable approaches to education/training The CTCf Education initiative seeks the exploration of ideas for the development of corporate learning organizations to enhance

employee engagement, high performance and measurable execution on strategies.

Students engaged in learning by VR

Students amazed by VR

Stem lessons supported by AR

Analytics enhanced by VR in labs

Learning enhanced by holograms

Holograms  simulate carbon cycle


CTCf and its affiliate companies have historical relationships with companies who share their vision and values where solutions in the form of

immersive technology and experiential events transform perspectives for a healthy, sustainable planet. Among the models we look to are these

events that are creating excitement through alternative forms of entertainment and edutainment: 
Van Gogh Immersive Experience, 
CTCf seeks to create a series of immersive technology experiential events focusing onthe many aspects of a healthy planet and climate change.

Fear seems be the foundation of a great deal of information about climate change. Consequently, well meaning individuals and organizations are often paralyzed by the thought that taking action is imminently too late. CTCf proposes experiential events that will inform and inspire audiences to champion

and act on the cause of climate draw-down and to celebrate the vision of a transformed planet in a visceral way. To this end, a collective of artists will

be invited to create messages using immersive technology that will achieve this goal. Ideally these events will be available in at least 12 cities. New

events will rotate on an ever-changing basis driven by emerging climate change information as the need to reach new audiences expands.

Immersive Experiences


With a strong, exciting history in immersive technologies, CTCf plans initiatives through the lens of emerging immersive technologies. Among the many opportunities trending in immersive technology in 2021 and beyond CTCf focuses on leveraging our experience in virtual reality (VR), 360 projection, 3D, projection mapping, and holograms to find the best fit for our target audiences. Some of the opportunities we are exploring are Resilience Technology, Remote Work, Emotion AI, and Smart Cities, to mention just a few. Resilience Technology: Research shows there is a massive movement in the corporate world toward technology resilience where corporations are using technology to support internal infrastructures and strategies that protect supply chains against pandemics, extreme weather and cyber attacks, to name only a few. Remote Work: The pandemic has forced many businesses to send thousands of employees to work remotely. Consequently, the reliance of Immersive technology increased exponentially as businesses seek ways

to connect employees on as human a level as possible while working outside the office. Businesses are using augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed 
reality and extended reality to support these goals. Emotion AI: Businesses are also turning to AI technology to gain a better understanding of their operations, predict demand fluctuations, and respond more quickly to changing circumstances. - CB Insights Smart Cities: Immersive technologies are foundational to the concept and plans for upcoming smart cities like Bill Gates’ proposed smart city in Southern Arizona and Neom in Saudi Arabia 
where residents can … expect flying taxis, holographic teachers, and glow-in-the-dark beaches and a more than 100-mile-long city.

To the other extreme, as pandemic related restrictions ease, there is currently a huge reaction to live technology-driven art installations such as Immersive Van Gogh and  especially the latest openings of Meow Wolf installations, the most recent in Denver where nearly 40,000 tickets were sold in 24 hours. These events are being welcomed with great enthusiasm throughout the US and the world. Other popular venues springing up where artistic technology has an intensely promising future are Domes. 


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